PXRD Analysis

Powder X-Ray Diffraction Services

Polymorph quantification and detection limit determination

Development of analytical methods for the quantification of a given polymorph in a mixture and the determination of the limit of detection (LOD). Crysforma has developed a measurement procedure to be able to quantify a given polymorph and determine its presence with very low detection limits (typically in the range of 0.3 and 1%, depending on the API). The same procedure can be applied in mixtures of different crystalline products (API 1 + API 2, API + excipient, etc).

Fast analysis service

Crysforma offers a fast and reliable powder X-Ray diffraction service, including several analysis types:

  • Crystalline phase identification, comparing against standards defined by the company.
  • Measurements according to specific analytical methods developed by Crysforma.
  • Component search in specialized databases.

Variable temperature PXRD

On its own or in combination with other thermal analysis techniques, VT-PXRD can provide useful information regarding crystal structure, dehydration / desolvation, phase transitions, melting and decomposition of pharmaceutical compounds.

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