Project Researcher

We are looking for a Project Researcher to lead and develop the projects of Crysforma in collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies.


  • Conduct projects in collaboration with our customers in the areas of polymorphism, salt and co-crystal screenings of pharmaceutical products.
  • Use a range of different solid-state characterization techniques (PXRD, SCXRD, DSC, TGA, IR, Raman, DVS, PSD, BET, optical microscopy,…) and additional analytical techniques (HPLC, KF, rheometer, NMR,…).
  • Perform experiments to optimize crystallization processess.
  • Perform data evaluation, interpretation, report writing and presentation of results to the customers.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation (lab notebooks, ISO, registers).
  • Comply with ISO 9001, safety requirements and laboratory procedures.

More detailed information and applications here