Co-crystal screening

Discovery, characterization and scale-up of pharmaceutical co-crystals

Crysforma offers systematic co-crystal screening studies to discover and select the co-crystal of an API with optimal solid state properties.

In recent years, the development of a pharmaceutical co-crystal has become a novel strategy to improve the solid state properties of an API. Co-crystals are an alternative to salts when these do not have the appropriate solid state properties or cannot be formed due to the absence of ionizable sites in the API.

Crysforma has developed its own co-crystal screening methodology adequate for co-crystal formers with very different solubilities. The methodology combines several crystallization procedures specifically useful to generate co-crystals, as solid state grinding, solvent evaporation, reaction crystallization and crystallization from the melt.

Type of studies:

  • Co-crystal screening of pharmaceutical ingredients with selected co-crystal formers
  • Characterization of pharmaceutical co-crystals
  • Development of reliable preparation procedures
  • Scale-up of the selected co-crystal

Download salts and co-crystals.pdf