PXRD Analysis at the synchrotron

When more powerful instrumentation is necessary

Sometimes the standard and most available analytical instruments are not enough to get the needed intensity and sensitivity required to solve specific analytical problems and more powerful instrumentation is necessary to obtain the answers.

The radiation based in the synchrotrons is amongst the most powerful in instrumental analysis and is becoming fundamental in many industrial applications, particularly in the characterization of the solid state of APIs and final drug products. This radiation can be applied in a broad range of X-ray techniques improving the signal intensity, sensitivity and definition.

CRYSFORMA is now offering analysis using the ALBA synchrotron facilities to bring this high technology closer to the industry to solve the problems that cannot be solved in conventional equipment.

The intensity, resolution and signal definition obtained in the analysis performed using the high energy radiation of a synchrotron makes it of special interest in the following issues:

  • Differentiation of two very similar polymorphs of an API.
  • Lowering the limit of detection of a polymorph of an API or drug product.
  • Detection and quantification of determined polymorphs in complex mixtures, for example of a formulated drug product.
  • Structure elucidation based on powder X-ray diffraction.

Crysforma at ALBA News (pdf)

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