Crystallization of small molecules

Crysforma’s expertise is based on an extensive knowledge and experience in crystallization of small and medium size organic molecules. This expertise is successfully applied to several applications of interest for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry: from polymorphism, salt selection and co-crystal screenings, to the crystallization of compounds that were previously only known as amorphous or as poorly crystalline solids.

Moreover, we have developed our own crystallization screening methodology for each screening type (polymorphism, salt selection and co-crystals), based in the following key points:

  • Crystallization screening methodology adaptable to the API properties and to the company’s needs at each stage of development.
  • Utilization of several crystallization techniques in an optimized group of crystallization solvents.
  • Use of solvent mediated as well as solvent free crystallization procedures.
  • Crystallizations under controlled conditions to facilitate reproducibility and scale-up.
  • Use of high throughput crystallization systems.
  • Crystallizations strictly controlled by highly skilled scientists to maximize the information drawn from each experiment.

We believe that our methodology brings together an optimal compromise in terms of scientific results, costs, timing and API consumption.