Salt screening

Discovery, characterization and scale-up of crystalline salts

Crysforma offers systematic salt screening studies to discover and select the salt derivative of an API with optimal solid state properties.

Preparation of a salt is the classical strategy to optimize the solid state properties of an active pharmaceutical ingredient. Salt derivatives can improve crystallinity, solubility and stability of a pharmaceutical compound, and are often chosen instead of the free acid or base.

Crysforma has developed its own salt screening methodology based in the use of selected crystallization procedures in an optimized group of crystallization solvents. The methodology allows performing 1000 crystallization experiments from 10 g of starting API under controlled conditions.

Type of studies:

  • Salt screening of pharmaceutical ingredients with selected counterions
  • Characterization of crystalline salts
  • Development of reliable preparation procedures
  • Scale-up of the selected salt

Download salts and co-crystals.pdf